The challenges presented so far have consolidated Microroe allowing us to provide state of the art products which account for the differents demands of our clients. We cover from digital platforms and power supplies to UHF & X band radio frequency equipments.


Radio frequency Front-End for communications systems

Band: UHF, L, S, C and X • Up and Down converter • Power, linearity, efficiency • Low Noise figure • Power threshold monitor for auto-switching TX & RX. • Control and telemetry interfaces • High reliability designs with use of COTS componentes.
RF devices Micoroe have designed standard RF and digital devices which can be used in more complex systems or in laboratories.
Power Amplifiers Class A, AB, single and balanced configurations with output power monitor.
LDMOS, GAN, GAS technologies depending on the application.
Low noise amplifier Implemented with MMIC, BJT, FET technologies. Depending on the application the design can be implemented to optimize particular parameters for each application.
Programmable Oscillators up to X-Band Our oscillators are designed with power control, USB interface and their own software to control themselves.
Filters, Dividers and Directional Couplers The central frequency and the bandwidth are selected by the application requirements.
Acquisition Devices Power meter and vectorial meter cotrolled by USB interface with their own software.
Frequency Conversion Systems Up and Down Converters up to X-Band.
The converters are implemented with active and passive components.
Acquisition Platforms, Control and Data Processing Implemented with FPGA and embedded processor, CPLD or microcontroller, high speed AD and DA conversions, ETHERNET USB, RS-485/422/232 or CAN communication buses, according to the application.
Power Supplies

• High Efficiency DC/DC Power Supply
• AC/DC High Power Supply
• Battery charge controllers
• Available Options of Monitor, Control and Telemetry