Engineering Services

Our skilled professionals with over 10 years experience let Microroe manage several tools to offer innovative solutions and customized systems.


Customized Hardware and Software developments We focus on the develompment of customized communications systems, acquisition platforms, data processing and process automation. To achieve this, our methodology guarantees the cllients constant interaction to achieve their requirements successfully. Radio Frequency Devices
- RF Multilayer Active and Passive designs, signal generator, Frequency conversions, Low noise and Power amplifiers, Modulators.
- 2.5 & 3D Electromagnetics simulations, Modeling and Co-Simulations. Data Acquisition and Control Systems for Electronic Devices
- Develompment of acquisition platforms, data processing and control of several technologies, FPGA, CPLD, microcontrollers, embedded processors, AD & DA high speed converters
- C, C++, VHDL & ASM Software and firmware developments
- Communications interfaces RS‐232/422/485, USB, ETHERNET Custom Assemblies
- Leveraging standard connectorized components placed in the market we offer to our customers highly functional systems and sub-systems. RF/Microwave Circuits and System Laboratory Microroe has a Laboratory & Field Setups for automating measurements up to 6.2 GHz.
• Spectrum Analyzer
• RF Signal Generator
• DC Power Supplies
• Oscilloscope
• RF Power Meter
• RF Parts for measuring.
We offer to our customers field setups for automating measurements of electronic devices using GPIB, USB, LAN interfaces to high-throughput automated test equipment with a focus on economy, reliability and fast delivery.
Logistics At Microroe, we believe Supply Chain to be of key importance: electronic components, pcbs, materials and supplies. We have always worked to improve the process of buying within the country and overseas. An effective logistics strategy is key to minimize the manufacture time of a product or a prototype. Assessment Our highly experienced professionals allow us to offer technical assessment in various electronic areas.